The Complete Porsche 912 Guide, Second Edition


by Duane Spencer, 8.5"x11", 168 pgs., softbound, 29.95 US.


The new, updated edition of this bestseller includes new information on parts, services and techniques developed since the book's introduction five years ago. The Complete Porsche 912 Guide is now an even more essential tool for the 912 owner and enthusiast. Over 200 photos, illustrations and charts. This is the ultimate 912 companion. Engine, transmission, brakes, suspension-- it's all inside.Plus modern upgrades, race prep, history, restoration, parts & service vendors, troubleshooting, along with a comprehensive buyer's guide and more! ".. .there is substantive new information--enough to make the motor section of the book useful to 356 owners...And the book is absolutely up to date." --356 Registry magazine



AA 912


AA 912