Buying, Driving and Enjoying the Porsche 911 and 912, 1965-1973

by James Schrager, 7 "x9", 176 pgs., softbound


Author James Schrager gives you in-depth information on the first 911s, the early cars considered by aficionados to be the best looking and truest examples of what a Porsche should be. Sports Car market and 356 Registry columnist Schrager covers every aspect of 911 and 912 ownership from finding and choosin the right car through driving, maintaining and even selling your 911. In 16 chapters plus an appendix of production charts with serial number ranges, all the information you need is here. Over 240 color photos taken specifically for this book show the cars inside and out, from the earliest 1965 models to the Carrera RS or 1973. This book is filled with authoritative information from an expert who has owned, restored and enjoyed scores of 911s, 912s, and 356 models over 30-plus years. Dozens of technical drawings, torque charts and spec tables accompany Schrager's detailed examination of each model. An added treat are photos in each chapter from a 1970 Porsche Factory tour, allowing you to see how the cars were truly "made by hand." In Stock Now!



AA 912


AA 912